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Welcome to the baby brand new year! At Seabuckthorn International, we’re very excited about 2009, and to help us start afresh, please join us in reflecting on some of our company’s highlights of 2008.

Inside out beauty – exemplified by our article Seabuckthorn – an Inside Out Approach to Adult Acne published in Vista Magazine we were the first natural skincare company to recognise and promote the concept of “inside out” skincare and beauty.

First for Women – as we announced in SBT Seabuckthorn International in ‘First for Women’ magazine, we had a write-up in the major US women’s magazine First for Women, and it resulted in many rosacea sufferers in the US and Canada being helped by our products. The article came out in 2007, but continued to impact our company for the first three months of 2008.

Rosacea and Acne Portals – in 2008 we were proud to enhance our service to web customers by consolidating some of our most important skincare products and information into two pages – our Rosacea Portal and our Acne Portal.

Single Source – in early spring, we announced our first new product release in several years: SBT Seabuckthorn Single Source, a powerhouse combination of our SBT Seabuckthorn seed and fruit oils, and the single best supplement for healthier, more beautiful skin.

NHP Licensing – it was with both great pride and a sense of relief that we met the news that our NHP Site Licensing Application had been approved and our product licenses are in the hopper.

French labels – Et voila! Les produits d’argousier SBT sont disponibles maintenant en Français!

Christmas Naturals – our coverage of Western Canadian retailers was deepened when our products were chosen for representation by the distributor Christmas Natural Foods.

We’re thrilled to have so many great experiences in 2008 to build on in the coming year!

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