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Black coffeeMmmmmmm, coffee!!

Almost every conventional weight loss diet tells you to stop drinking it, but if you eat for your blood type and you’re AB, you’re supposed to drink it!

This CBC News article uses a fun slideshow to outline six reasons to love coffee, and two reasons to leave it!

As a serious coffee keener, I have always kept up with the ongoing research on coffee, but I learnt a thing or two from this article, and I got a good reminder of some old information too, of course.

I was happy to know that our friend and enemy Health Canada doesn’t recommend forgoing coffee, and sets a suggested limit of 24oz (a little more than a Starbucks Venti) per day for healthy people. Convenient, because that quantity (equalling three 8oz cups or glasses) helps stave off memory loss in women 65 and over! And apparently, the older you are, the more it seems to help!

But don’t feel left out, gentlemen of a certain age… apparently, if you’re over 40, your likelihood of getting gout for the first time is directly correlated to the quantity of coffee you drink! And those of you who drink 6 or more cups a day are 60% less likely to have a bout (of gout).

If you’re a female floater (drink so much coffee you’re in danger of floating away – 6 cups or more is the technical definition I believe), don’t despair! You’re much less likely to get type 2 Diabetes! And if you’re a jitterbug, decaf has a salutary effect as well, although to a lesser extent. The ladies studied were all post-menopausal.

Coffee with WhipAnd still in that (sex and age) category, Alex, some good news for post-menopausal women for a change! Coffee lessens the inflammation that causes and exacerbates cardiovascular problems. This effect holds true for those genteel tipplers who consume 3 cups or less per day, and it also helps with Arthritis.

And for the fitness buffs: I already knew that caffeinated coffee provides a measurable short-term improvement to both cognitive function and athletic performance, but it was news to me that a combination of coffee and exercise seems to decrease the likelihood of getting skin cancer!

It’s not all good news, however. Studies show that the trend towards rich designer coffees (or even the eponymous Tim Hortons Double Double) are adding an unhealthy quantity of fat, sugar and calories to our diets. Coffee beans

And finally, for village idiots and Lost marathon viewers, a cautionary note: overdosing on coffee can cause a litany of undesirable side-effects, including diarrhoea and increased risk of bone fractures.

You have been warned, kids. Now, for the rest of us (old enough to know better and to reap the benefits), bottoms up!

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2 Responses to “Coffee: Six reasons to love it, two reasons to leave it”

  1. Lilian says:

    hi i like this post its very informative…i remember i keep on telling my husband not to drink coffee and he always says coffee is good and yes it is for some limitation…and it clear up with your posting….keep it up and happy blogging too…

    BTW i just added you to my MBL friends.

  2. Hi Lilian: Thanks for visiting and commenting! I always thought it was so funny that quitting coffee was a big rule with pretty much every diet and healthy eating plan, when nobody could really explain why! As a coffee drinker, I sure am glad that there is at least a good balance of positive studies, although coffee isn’t all good, of course.

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