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SBT Seabuckthorn hair careAs I said previously in My experience of seabuckthorn hair care: It’s not just about the hair!, I’ve been using seabuckthorn shampoo for several years and have experienced a noticeable improvement in the health of my scalp and the skin of my hairline and neck.

It’s now been about four years since I switched, and I’m still seeing new benefits. Until recently, I had very long hair, and I noticed that I was able to grow my hair several inches longer than ever before. I recently cut my hair quite short and bleached it light blonde, and my hairdresser was very impressed with the way my hair took the colour, how healthy it was after, and how well the colour has held up, without getting brassy.

Every time I visit her in fact, she says, “Your hair is in such great shape because you use great product.”

My hair’s so healthy in fact, that when I wash it, comb it and let it air dry, it hangs like it was blow-dried. And best of all, after four years, I have yet to suffer from shampoo fatigue, from the accumulation of by-products that used to make my hair dull and lank.

I continue to be absolutely over the moon about my SBT Seabuckthorn shampoo and conditioner! After four years, nothing has made me love them any less.

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