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For just under a year, I helped a neighbour who was practicing the Gerson Protocol anti-cancer diet, by preparing for her freshly-squeezed juices and food as indicated by the diet’s rules.

The salt-free, fat-free, mostly vegan, low protein, high-potassium, organic diet was developed to correct the underlying causes of ill-health (as postulated by the late Max Gerson), and is practiced primarily by people seeking an alternative cancer therapy.

I have no evidence or opinion as to the safety or efficacy of the programme, but I will say that the woman I was preparing food for was suffering from a very aggressive, late stage uterine cancer so dangerous that 50% of women who were treated for that particular cancer at her late stage were dead six months later. She is 2.5 years past treatment and cancer-free.

The highly restrictive diet is onerous for most adherents, and new, creative recipes are enthusiastically welcomed. While I worked for her, I created several recipes that I want to share with interested readers, especially those following Gerson or otherwise interested in unsalted, fat-free, wheat free vegan recipes.

A note on the recipes (in separate blog posts, linked below): Oats are the only grain allowed by the diet, so where you see oat flour that’s why. I have made some small adjustments (cheats) to the strictest interpretation of the diet: my friend preferred peeled potatoes, so that’s what I usually used in recipes; she liked herbs a lot, so I added more than was recommended; and there may be others. If in doubt, consult your personalised Gerson programme.

I’m not endorsing the Gerson protocol, simply providing some delicious food to its adherents.

Feel free to use, adapt, share and/or publish these recipes – credit “Natalie Lanoville” please.


 My recipes:

·         Potato pancakes

·         Potato soup with greens

·         Salsa

·         Veggie stew

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  1. I am regular reader, how are you everybody?
    This piece of writing posted at this web page is in fact nice.

  2. SARA GHAEMI says:

    My brother has been diagnosed with stage VI lung cancer which has spread to all his vital organs except brain and liver at this time. We have started him on goat whey and green juice. He still wants his meat and dairy, to a small degree, to gain some weight. He has had one chemo and the next one is on 3/21/13. The doctors give no hope and we are trying to go with green and whole food plus the chemo therapy. So far, he seems to be doing OK. None of his doctors would agree with on these alternative diets because they work for big hospitals MD Anderson and Bentaub in Houston Texas and they get in trouble even if they wanted to. I have seen the Max Gerson’s daughter video on Net Flex and it was amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience with the public. Sara Ghaemi

  3. Nikole says:

    Great info. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).

    I’ve saved it for later!

  4. I have several tumors on my liver.I also have a couple of spots on my lung.I would like to try a food therapy program.Are there any certain foods or juices that I could try that would destroy these tumors?

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