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I am a relatively healthy 60 year old, however in summer 2007, the results from my annual physical showed slightly elevated levels of LDL cholesterol and blood sugars. Nothing to be too concerned about, and I admit to not making many/any changes to my lifestyle at that time.

I began taking SBT Seabuckthorn Flavone Capsules as well as the Seed Oil and Fruit Oil Capsules in May of 2008. I take one capsule of each per day, and also occasionally drink SBT Seabuckthorn’s Tea.

In July 2008 the blood tests from my annual physical showed results very similar to the 2007 tests. Not much improvement on the markers tested, although none had gotten worse.

When I had the same tests repeated for my annual physical in July 2009, after another 12 months of taking a daily supplement of the capsules (I have now switched to one Flavone and one Single Source capsule for convenience and value), there was a noticeable change for the better over 2008 in every one of the markers tested.

LDL, HDL, triglycerides, creatinine, potassium and blood sugar levels as well as every other marker were in an improved position. Another year older, no other lifestyle changes (I had actually gained about 5 pounds over this time!), and healthier results. I’m happy!

The bonus for taking SBT Seabuckthorn Single Source capsules has been an improvement in menopausal and aged-related mucous membrane dryness.

The bonus for taking SBT Flavone capsules and drinking the tea has been an enormous decrease (to almost zero) in the amount of pain in my osteo-arthritic knee. This injury was a result of a ski accident over 25 years ago, and over the years the pain intensified, especially when walking up stairs, or walking on a down-slope. The anti-inflammatory properties in the Flavone capsules and the tea have made a big difference. A pain free day is a good thing!

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