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Question:  Does anybody really understand the Health Canada regulations around Natural Health Products?  I am sure that not even Health Canada understands the regulations they are entrusted with implementing and enforcing.

I am beginning to think we have another gun control ‘boondoggle’ on our hands.  This legislation has cost hundreds of millions of dollars to implement and we have not even started yet.  Wait until the court cases start.  Billions are about to spent on legislation that does not make sense and cannot be implemented the way it reads now.  Furthermore, this legislation is about to shut down an entire industry.  An industry that has been around for at least a thousand years.  The Natural Health Products Industry is about to be wiped out.  And for what purpose?  Who do you know that has died from taking a natural product?  Has anybody ever died from taking a home remedy?  How about a pharmaceutical product? How many thousands have died across North America taking a tested and approved pharmaceutical. Health Canada is over regulating the wrong sector.  Spend the money on the people causing the deaths … pharmaceutical companies.

I want you to know that I am not against common sense legislation to ensure safety of the end user.  I fully support a common sense approach to regulating the Natural Health Products Industry.  But this legislation is … well … worse than any problem that might have been solved by enacting this draconian legislation?  What problem was Health Canada trying to solve anyway?  Whatever problem it was that Health Canada was trying to solve the result is we are about to spend at least 2 billion dollars on attacking and devastating an entire industry.  The coming devastation of the Natural Products Industry will lead to financial ruin for thousands of small businesses all across Canada.  Financial ruin for thousands of small businesses means financial ruin for thousands of individuals.  Financial ruin for thousands of individuals leads to …….. fill in the blanks! 

And for what purpose?

Let us stop this craziness right now.  If you agree with me then write your MLAwrite your MP and write anybody who will listen.  We must stop Health Canada.  We must push for re-legislating the current legislation on Natural Health Products in Canada.  Common sense legislation works.  This current legislation does not work.

I am sure open to your feedback and open to your suggestions.  Maybe I have got this whole issue wrong.  Talk to me.

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