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In advance of the Canadian Health Food Association’s Expo West conference and trade show last month (April 19-22), I wanted to write a press release that would provide an useful summary of SBT Seabuckthorn’s virtues and credentials, but that would be accessible to readers and helpful to our company as well, without being self-servingly promotional. I worked harder on that press release than I ever have on any release to date, but I was very happy with the result.

Part of the difficulty in promoting seabuckthorn is that it has so many virtues in so many areas that it is difficult to find the ‘hook’ that drives the media/publicity world. ‘It’s good for practically everything. It heals and nourishes, it helps farmers, livestock and the environment, and it promotes youthfulness,’ isn’t very newsworthy, unfortunately.

Luckily, in March 2007, Dr Paul Gross, known also as ‘The Berry Doctor’, wrote about seabuckthorn in his article Superfruits take center stage: Defining an emergent category, an analysis of 10 superfruits including seabuckthorn.

Dr Gross selected the 10 different fruits (all berries) by their ranking according to criteria he devised, including nutrient density, antioxidant strength, research intensity, and potential for disease impact. Seabuckthorn came out number two overall, being beaten in only one of the four categories (research intensity), by one fruit. A very significant – and newsworthy – recommendation, and timely too.

My press release became Seabuckthorn: Synergistic Superfruit (one of our taglines for seabuckthorn is “Seabuckthorn: Synergistic Giant”), and the idea of seabuckthorn as a superfruit/superfood (or functional food, as they are often called) became the hook of my release.

Good press needs to be topical, and the combination of this recently-released analysis of the superfoods phenomenon (with good placement for seabuckthorn), plus our upcoming (at that time) participation in the CHFA show, made great – and timely – bookends for the body of the release, a summary of the credentials and virtues of the seabuckthorn plant and its derivatives.

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