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The quiet Canadian is starting to refer to Health Canada the way more and more Americans are referring to the FDA as evidenced in this excellent article. I would not want to be on the business end of the reaction coming from the small Canadian manufacturers, their employees and their families and their millions of customers … hundreds of thousands of direct stakeholders across Canada … when the true extent of the NHP regulations become known. Companies and organizations that are now in strong support of the coming Health Canada ‘boondoggle’ known as the NHP regulations should not mistake ignorance of the regulations and the quiet frustration of trying to understand and comply with the regulations as acquiescence and sublimation. These architects and perpetrators of a system gone mad just might want to have a distancing strategy worked out long in advance of the huge negative backlash about to take place.

Can you hear the distant rumble? That ain’t signalling a summer rain shower … that is the building of the full blown throaty roar of a disgusted populace about to make their opinions heard. I am hoping they are not going to be in a vengeful mood. We, Canadians, had a chance once to lead the world with common sense legislation in the Natural Products Industry and we actually chose a leadership that gave us … what? … regulations no one understands that have cost millions and millions of wasted dollars to … what? Do what? Protect the consumer? Who are we kidding?! The real question is: who is benefiting from this fiasco? That is question many people are going to want to address. Can you hear that distant rumbling … ?

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