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This past week, upwards of 200 producers, scientists and experts in the nutraceutical field gathered to discuss the future of the industry. A CBC article covering the conference calls some of the attendees ‘nutrascientists’ – a word that doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry yet! – but they are, in essence, scientists in the field of functional foods.

The conference covered such issues as ginseng being used to treat Parkinson’s disease and how to maximise the functional foods industry in PEI, but the main message of the event was, not surprisingly, that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you!

As mentioned in a recent post, Seabuckthorn: Synergistic Superfruit, seabuckthorn was recently included in a list of ‘superfruits’ along with blueberries and wolfberries, and has long been recognised as a giant in the functional foods realm. Whether in the raw fruit and leaves, or the tea and supplements, this nutritional powerhouse is a great way to not only get your ABCs (vitamins, that is), but also to make sure you’re not shortchanged on the numerous phytochemicals that are only just now being recognised for their importance in health, youth, and a happy life.

One attendee, Paula Bickford, a University of Florida professor of neurosurgery and pharmacology, was quick to put in a plug for fruits and veggies. She said,

A cup of blueberries in the morning, a big spinach salad, those kinds of things do benefit.

For more information on what quantity of fruits and veg are right for you, check out this post: Minimum daily fruits and veggies; how much is enough?.

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