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Our recent post Urban farming and other news is one of the most popular on the site, and it touches on an important topic, food security. We’ve just updated the urban farming post with a new link, to the Urban Agriculture section of FoodSecurity.org, a wonderful web resource for information, research and activism on food- and agriculture-related topics. FoodSecurity.org will be our Heal the World profile this month – look for it!

The urban farming page on FoodSecurity.org is report entitled Urban Agriculture and Community Food Security in the United States: Farming from the City Center to the Urban Fringe Prepared by the Urban Agriculture Committee of the CFSC February, 2002. Headings of this several thousand-word, well-referenced document include

The Quiet Revolution of Urban Agriculture in the United States
I. Food Insecurity in U.S. Cities
II. Urban Agriculture Builds on the Resources of Cities
III. The Potential for Growing Food in Cities
IV. Who Is Raising Food in Cities? From Backyard Gardeners to Commercial Growers
V. Challenges Facing Urban Agriculture and Responses to these Challenges
VI. Policy Changes to Promote Urban Agriculture
VII. Resources, Publications, Websites

A cracking good read!

4 Responses to “Urban farming update”

  1. Aayush says:

    Hi Natalie..thanks for the comment on my blog. I like ur site too. Its got a very neat look..and interesting content.

  2. Cool, thanks. Let’s keep in touch!

  3. Talina says:

    Natalie, this is a great recommendation and it happens to be something my boyfriend and I are trying to practice and learn more about. Great post!

  4. Best of luck, Talina! Making use of the urban landscape for food production is the future for urban single-family dwellings, IMO. And have you heard of ‘square foot gardening’? It’s a commercial project spearheaded by a guy who figured out a cool system for implementing small-plot gardening and food production. Here’s the link: http://www.squarefootgardening.com/
    I might do a post on them, although I usually avoid doing a whole post on a purely commercial topic, even though this is worthy. If I can find a way to work it in, I will because it’s a great idea.
    Anyways, best wishes and keep in touch!

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