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A 2005 study has shown that extract of seabuckthorn leaves significantly hinders and counters the immunosuppression effects of chromium VI in test subjects.

The test subjects (laboratory rats) were treated with chromium to suppress their immune systems. When subsequently treated with the leaf extract, they showed an increased immune response, and when they were given both chromium and tea extract at the same time, the chromium had less of an immunosuppressive effect on the subjects.

These observations suggest that the leaf extract of seabuckthorn has significant immunomodulatory activity and specifically activates the cell-mediated immune response.

Seabuckthorn’s immunomodulatory effect is one of its most significant contributions to the treatment of intractable skin conditions! SBT Seabuckthorn tea made from seabuckthorn leaves is an important part of our skincare programmes.


Via clipclip.org/chiroted


UPDATE: The significant element of this study is the salutary effect of seabuckthorn leaf extract on suppressed immune systems; the method of immunosuppression was chromium, which acted as a sort of chemotherapy. And keep in mind that there are several types of chromium; remember Erin Brockovich? She learned that there are several types of chromium: some healthy, some deadly poison.

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