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FIRST magazine for women profiles long-time Seabuckthorn International Inc. customer Michele Guy in an article about rosacea and seabuckthorn in their upcoming January 2008 issue (p.32, out in the US and Canada December 26, 2007).

First for Women is a snappy health and lifestyle magazine with a wide and devoted readership all over North America, and this month they decided to include a column about seabuckthorn’s rosacea-healing power!

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition whose causes are not yet known, but whose most successful treatments all have anti-inflammatory actions. Of these treatments, seabuckthorn is the healthiest and most natural (contrasted with such things as cortisone and antibiotics). Michele, a lawyer in Toronto, Canada, has been using SBT Seabuckthorn to successfully treat her rosacea.

From the article:

Five years ago Michele began suffering from bouts of redness on her nose and cheeks. At first she blamed it on dry skin, but moisturisers were useless.

Eventually, Michele was diagnosed with acne rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that affects the face. A prescription cortisone cream helped, but Michele didn’t want to use the drug long-term.That’s when a pal suggested a cream made from seabuckthorn berries. Michele tried it and was astonished. “Within days, my redness was gone!” she marvels.

Now Michele applies a dab of the cream daily and says her confidence is back. “When I enter a room, I’m on top of the world!”

The First for Women article includes our contact information (www.seabuckthorn.com, info@seabuckthorn.com, and 1-877-767-6101), and a special offer for First readers. Check out the magazine in stores to participate!



Rosacea Cause and Effect Paper – on Seabuckthorn.com (PDF format)

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