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Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition primarily affecting the face. Its causes are not fully known, but it is suspected of having immune, allergic, hereditary, hormonal and even neurological origins. Most rosacea treatments have immunosuppressant and/or anti-inflammatory effects.

Rosacea affects some 45 million sufferers worldwide, the majority of them young adult to middle-aged women of Western European cultural heritage.

Conventional rosacea treatments include steroids and antibiotics, neither of which has been shown to work long-term nor without side effects. Of the currently accepted treatments, only laser surgery and seabuckthorn have been shown to cure rosacea, and only seabuckthorn does so without side effects.

Seabuckthorn works on rosacea in several gentle, thorough ways: seabuckthorn oil applied straight to the face and through seabuckthorn soap reduces interstitial fluid and interrupts the inflammatory process (reducing swelling and redness); mediates the immune response (soothing the immune system and contributing to the anti-inflammatory effects); strengthens cell and vein/artery walls, regulating blood and fluid flow; and softens and reduces scar tissue and thickened skin. Taken internally, seabuckthorn moderates and regulates the inflammatory, immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems, strengthens the cardiovascular system (including tiny blood vessels), slows cell death and improves overall health.

At SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc., we offer two rosacea treatment programmes: our full rosacea treatment regime and our rosacea starter package.

Our full rosacea package contains two of our gentle, seabuckthorn oil-infused cleansing berry bars, two bags of seabuckthorn tea to reduce inflammation and regulate the body’s immune system, a bottle of seabuckthorn seed oil for external application, two bottles of seed oil capsules for vascular and cellular health, and a bottle of flavone capsules (from fruit pulp) for anti-inflammatory and immune system health. Additionally, a jar of Seabuckthorn Berry Cream is included for moisturising when the swelling and redness subside.

Our rosacea starter package includes soap, oil and seed oil capsules.

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