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We already have hand-cranked laptops; now Canadian and US researchers have developed a leg harness that generates electricity from its wearer’s leg movements while walking.

It’s not exactly the Hoover Dam (it generates enough electricity to power a cell phone), but it’s yet another example of technology turning a human being…

Into this:

The harvester is real.I’ve long had a fantasy of a stationary bicycle-powered television, so in preparation for this post, I googled ‘stationary bicycle powered television’, and lo and behold! The internet is thick with them! This one was even advertised at the Super Bowl! Here’s another, and this one even teaches you how to build your own.

An even better google search is “human powered”, which returns a plethora of interesting sites, including Free Energy News, International Human Powered Vehicle Association, and a human powered vehicle contest on the website for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

I don’t know if I would want to build it myself, but I would definitely use a stationary bicycle that generated power to run my appliances and electronics. It seems particularly appropriate (and I’m sure I’m not the first person to say so) to use exercise to power the device that has turned us into couch potatoes.

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