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Thanks to web analysis tools at MyBlogLog, we’ve noticed that folks often end up here at the SBT Seabuckthorn Blog after asking google, yahoo, ask.com, AOL, and other search engines ‘intuitive’ questions, like ‘can seabuckthorn help with hair loss’, and ‘does seabuckthorn help regulate blood sugar levels’.

Sometimes these questions are answered with relevant blog posts, but sometimes, regrettably, they aren’t! I’ve often itched to tell folks the answers to their questions, and – realising that perhaps other people are interested in these questions and answers too – I have decided to harvest some of those questions, and answer them here!

So, starting next month, look for at least one question from our ‘search engine archives’ answered. I can’t address individuals, because I have no idea as to the identity of the people who typed the questions into a search engine. But if YOU have a question, please feel free to post it in comments, or email me at my email address, and I or someone else at Seabuckthorn International Inc will answer your question here in the blog!

We will also be addressing some previous blog comment questions in future posts.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

seabuckthorn Q&A

7 Responses to “Seabuckthorn Q&A: Your questions answered!”

  1. enkhbat says:

    I have a one question. For Seabuckthorn, is there any side effects? Any reported incidents?

  2. Hi, enkhbat:
    Seabuckthorn doesn’t work the same way for everyone, and there are folks who find that particular soaps, creams, etc aren’t for them. However, the incidence of negative reactions to the pure oils is very low.
    For more information, you should email info@seabuckthorn.com, where customer service can provide you with more information.

  3. sadiq hizbu says:

    sir we have a lot of seabucthorn barries and fresh stem & leaves we want to sell it to make the lives of poor people of my village i requsested u please give me the idea that how can we sell it.

  4. sadiq says:

    sir i have a question that we have a lot of fresh seabucthorn barries & branches& leaves how can we sell it for pharmacieutical companies to make the lives of our poor villagers

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Is all the Seabuckthorn used in your products grown in Canada?

  6. Hi Wolfgang, the answer is no. We source our organic seabuckthorn from a few sources. The Canadian seabuckthorn industry is still in its infancy and falls far short of the volume we require.

  7. Hi Sadiq, please email me at info@seabuckthorn.com with more details on your seabuckthorn.
    Thank you!

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